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Coast Highway Christmas: Home

My holiday CD celebrates the spirit of Christmas, the beauty of our region and our “California sound” of jangly, chiming 12 string Rickenbacker guitars reminiscent of late 60’s legendary band, The Byrds. We added a sort of “Cali Roots Rock” feel with pedal steel guitar ace, Greg Leisz on this one – an instrument that was huge out here in L.A. during the Western Swing era of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s before Elvis and Rock ‘n Roll took center stage. I think you’ll enjoy these arrangements on some of the great holiday
classics, a few covers and several originals.

Marie Lundin was a long-time California native; college educated and worked in office administration for many years. She had a great sense of humor, loved to travel and was kind to everyone she met. When she came into some money shortly after retirement, she continued to live in her mobile home community in a working class neighborhood in Lawndale, CA because that’s where all her wonderful friends were – her “family” since she had no kids of her own. Shortly after her loving father died in his
late 80’s, Marie succumbed to cancer. She was in her early 60’s. She set up charitable trust to fund cancer research in 2004. The Marie Lundin Memorial Cancer Trust is a 501(c)(3) Private Foundation, Tax I.D. #55-614617 and has since gifted nearly $500,000 to The City of Hope, The American Cancer Society and UCI’s Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center, just to name a few of past & current recipients. 100% of all profits from downloaded sales from this CD will go to the trust which will then be used to fund the annual gift to worthy cancer research entities such as the one‘s just listed.

Marie taught me that it’s not just about your surroundings or material possessions – it’s about your heart that counts and that a sense of community can exist anywhere – even in a mobile home park in Lawndale, CA. For all those fortunate to have known Marie, we are truly grateful for that valuable lesson and to cancer survivors everywhere – keep fighting; your courage inspires us all.

(Our bonus track is dedicated to my dearly departed mother, Marilu, who battled another ailment that dramatically alters the quality of life – Parkinson’s. To remember her and support the many others afflicted with this disease, go to The Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s Research).

Merry Christmas!