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Coast Highway Christmas: About the Band


Richard Bredice is a member of the legendary OC band The Missiles of October and plays lead guitar on several tracks. One of the finest session players in the region, he also is co-producer and master “mixologist” on all the tunes. Richard also plays organ and on nearly all tracks as well as accordion and programmed drums and percussions. His partner Pat Woodland once again professionally mastered all cuts and also programmed the orchestral arrangements on “Coming Home For Christmas.” These guys are musical geniuses, pure and simple and I am truly grateful for their immense talents.

Greg Leisz is one of the country’s finest (if not best) pedal steel guitarists. He’s played on classic albums from K.D. Lang and John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival just to name a few. A friend of Richard’s, I was lucky to get him on my CD to say the least and he’s a great guy. I had a chance to introduce him to a friend of mine, the legendary, Bill Tonnesen, all 80 years young, who played pedal steel guitar on Frank Sinatra’s only country song, recorded back in 1947. We had lunch together and
had a great time – pedal steel legends of yesteryear and today getting together for a chat. It was a magical afternoon for me. “Oh Holy Night” and my original, “Santa’s Catching a Wave” are the two Greg plays on and I think they sound terrific with his beautiful pedal steel taking center stage.

Frank Cotinola is Richard’s drumming colleague in The Missiles band and one of the truly great session players out there. As always, Frank does his yeoman’s effort on my tunes and as they say, “never misses a beat.” He originated some really unique percussive efforts on several of the songs including “Oh Holy Night” and “The First Noel”.

Todd Griffithe led one of Orange County’s great Christian Rock bands, Serrano Hills out of Tustin that I also played bass in and lent his keyboard talents to a few of the tracks. His piano and organ work is outstanding.

Cara Olsen, also from Serrano Hills, has for all practical purposes – an angelic voice and I had to have her assist in a few tracks where I felt a female vocal was necessary. She did an amazing job on “The First Noel” and “Do They Know It’s Christmas” – so much so that the next CD should probably have her singing lead! (Also her husband, Michael did a genius job on the graphic design for the CD and our website).